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Hardwood Floor Damage

Hardwood floor damage can be dangerous to your health, if left untreated mold growth can result from standing water beneath floorboards or behind drywall. Calling a professional to recover your property is vital to the health of your family or co-workers and also your property. Choose Glendale Flood Rescue when hardwood floor damage occurs!

IMG_3987Hardwood flooring is beautiful, durable and usually easy to clean. However, even though flooring suffers less than carpet, wood is not immune to the effects of water damage. Whether you’re dealing with an overflowing kitchen appliance, water heater, sink or roof leaks, wood exposed to water for a prolonged period of time can cause floors to buckle, warp or become moldy.

If hardwood floor boards are soaked with water for an extended period of time, they will ultimately require replacement at some point. However, before that point, Glendale 24/7 Flood Rescue utilizes a variety of techniques to save your hardwood floors and extract moisture. In most cases, we’re able to completely restore floorboards to their pre-damage state!

Wood Drying Technology

We use a combination of technologies to minimize disturbance to your home or business including negative pressure systems that draw out moisture without ripping up floor boards. We place a rubber sealed mat over areas of damage attached to a high powered vacuum that literally pulls moisture from your flooring in hours. In addition to our Injectidry pressure systems, we use in-place blowers to move air over a minor area of water damage.

Usually, a damaged floor will require a nominal amount of re-sanding/finishing to have that distinctive shine, which we do for every wood flooring damage job we do.

Sometimes, your floor will require complete replacement and we’re happy to refer you to our wood flooring contractors that will both work with your schedule and heavily discount their services since we contract with them regularly.

Insurance Claims

If your floor is covered under your insurance policy, we can help you get the most for the least expense. Our technicians work with insurance claim adjusters daily and can minimize the paperwork headache in accounting for your losses and getting the covered services you deserve. We even offer a $500 deductible rebate to offset the costs of choosing us as your preferred water damage repair company.

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